1001 Skins, by Dorianne Wotton

1001 Skins, by Dorianne Wotton
Isabel del Rio
by Dorianne Wotton

by Dorianne Wotton

The versatile artist Dorianne Wotton has sent to Yareah magazine some stunning photos with a different topic: skin.

What is the skin? ‘The membranous tissue forming the external covering or integument of an animal and consisting in vertebrates of the epidermis and dermis.’ The online dictionary says. And, as every scientific definition, it sounds not very poetic. However, how much poetry there are in Dorianne works!

Her photos were not taken quickly, they are not the result of an instinctive moment but of a deep reflection of an artist who could have written a long poem of feelings and dreams.

That layer which recovers our body, that strange layer of very many colors (within the range of brown) is the proof of 1001 adaptations of this fantastic mankind to different weathers, to different Suns. It can be almost white, sometimes pink, or brown or black. But it’s never green or blue: ‘why not?’ the rebel Dorianne Wotton asked herself one day. ‘Why not to emphasize its relation with water and to create an image in watery blue?’ ‘Why not to see us as a part of nature and to feel our membranous tissue as an ephemeral oak leaf full of life?’

by Dorianne Wotton

by Dorianne Wotton

Dorianne Wotton has imagined bodies in blue and green, disappearing among lights and shadows of different sparkles which only her camera, obedient, can create. It has not been an easy job, it has been a job of years, maybe of a life, because we need a life to build a narrative, to complete a philosophy.

Everybody is the same but different, everybody is connected with the living Earth and with other possible worlds, beyond our atmosphere, beyond our Moon and Sun. Dorianne Wotton photos are reflecting sadness and heroism, what we are and what we can be, history and science fiction, because a true artist cannot be enclosed in the strict definitions of a dictionary, an artist is a creator and her creation can be written in 1001 new scientific books.

The artist is always ahead, the first to imagine the impossible.

Dorianne Wotton: who am I?

Ever since childhood I’ve practised various means of expression and it is by chance and as a self-taught person that I started photography in 2007. Then, I have been quickly interested in the production of video clips. have also developed a multidisciplinary approach, in particular through generative art installations (mixing audio and visual creations).

Dorianne Wotton selfportrait

Dorianne Wotton selfportrait

My graphic approach is mainly devoted to the depiction of the aesthetic of desolation. It is about showing the world as I feel it, emphasizing the obscure, the mysterious… Pointing at what we comprehend of misery, weakness, ordinariness and ugly… Drawing the attention on what makes sense, on these multitudes of small things upon which we don’t dwell because they don’t fit the aesthetic or moral codes. Everything then becomes a potential object and subject of my creations, provided that they answer that artistic approach.

This approach is then visually characterized by breaks, discontinuities and a poetic of discrepancy, crossover and mixture, whatever the subject. Therefore, I don’t limit myself by a graphic media. I make each process give everything that is possible.


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