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Game of Thrones = mystery + fantasy + thriller

Game of Thrones = mystery + fantasy + thriller
Isabel del Rio
Tyrion: Game of Thrones

Tyrion: Game of Thrones

First and Second seasons.

Good points:

-The spirit: heroic.

Heroism very comfortable in this time of crisis, general depression and lack of values. To see people, who still believe in their own improvement, who give their own lives from an ideology and who fight for their family and friends is refreshing.

The soundtrack and the rhythm help to this epic spirit and we must congratulate the mounting team. Film directors have changed from emission to emission but the mounting team gives unity to this TV series.

-Show open:

Every chapter starts with a panoramic of a mock-up of the Seven Kingdoms. The camera shows us the kingdoms from the point of view of an eagle, which flies quickly seeing below a map and the main buildings that appear in the TV series. Buildings (tours, castles, bridges…) move. In fact, they are some gadgets which turn and grow. At the end, the black wall… mysterious… We are prepared to start the new epic story!

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

-The cast:

Good chosen: Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, Richard Madden, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Mark Addy, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Charles Dance… and, of course, Peter Dinklage in the role of “gnome” or dwarf Tyrion. Here, we find one of the best points of the series and one of the most difficult goals. He appears in the first season and we start to admire him. He has overcome his complexes in spite of his physical problem and his horrible family, “The Lannister’s”. His father looks down on him; his sister (the queen) would prefer to see him death; and his elder brother, the handsome Ser Jaime… Well, what can we say of this person? He is even able of trying to kill a 10 years old boy. However, our gnome knows how to enjoy life. He celebrates, he has friends and cultural projects and, above all, he is clever and his cleverness saves him of a lot of troubles.

In the second season, Tyrion is the absolute protagonist and acts sure, smart… We believe this half-man is a double man. He has arrived to be the “hand” of the new king (the degenerate teen son of his sister). The death of the old king has left the Seven Kingdoms in wars. Nobody accepts his nephew and every powerful warrior have proclaimed himself king. It’s time to destruction and sadistic characters but he is able of managing the threads: a good ruler who, at the end of the second season, he will win a war (as a soldier) although his family will steal him the triumph.



-The Black Wall:

In this point, it starts the mystery and the fantasy. What is beyond the black wall? Few people have been there. Dangerous lands full of wild people and legends too: monsters, zombies, giants…

The Black Knights protect the wall but the incertitude is always present. Can they protect the wall forever? When the long night will arrive too? The night will last for years.

Some of the most attractive characters of this TV series are Black Knights: John Snow, a handsome bastard and great warrior, and his friend, the fat and clever Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West). He is a kind of geek and this is another good point, because if people who like fantasy, legends, battles… have already liked this series; now, another social group can be identified with Game of Thrones. Precisely, it’s him who see the first zombies at the end of the second season. What will happen with them? The Seven Kingdoms are in war and don’t believe in the threaten beyond the Black Wall although zombies have started to attack. We must wait for the third season (one year)… Hard time!

John Bradley West

John Bradley West

-The exoticism:

In another article of Yareah magazine (http://yareah.com/?p=4110), we spoke about Kharl Drogo (Jason Momoa) and his Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke). In the second season Kharl is death but from his blood, three dragons have been born, and they are living with the Khaleesi in a kind of exotic Babylon, waiting to recover the throne of his father: The Seven Kingdoms.

Definitely, a fantastic TVseries with wonderful decorations and exteriors and a fantastic team.

A TV series we recommend everybody.

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