Goebbels, sex and surrealism

Goebbels, sex and surrealism

Internet lies: Goebbels, sex and surrealism.

Internet Lies: I would like to begin this new section in Yareah saying thanks to our readers, writers, artists and many more people. Without you, Yareah won’t be possible. I don’t want to give you any name, sorry, cause I could forget someone and all of you are very, very important for us.

Internet Lies. Whiskey. Martin Cid

Internet Lies. Whiskey. Martin Cid

Of course, the title of this post is just a joke. You know this is internet, a world depending on tags and I thought this will be a nice joke to begin. I will try to write one little article at day –at least, I will try- and the articles will speak about… Well, I don’t know. The only thing I will swear is… I won’t speak about politics, economic crisis or any other type of gore and scaring things. We will talk about art, literature, good people and good things while the world will probably fall. Anyway, and cause I’m not one of the richest men of this world, I will talk to you about important things like flowers or surrealism.

I don’t know if it will be better if I introduce myself but I will. My name is Martin Cid. I was born in a little city of Spain called Oviedo… I’m married with a girl you probably know which name begins with an I and… well, I’ve written some books… sorry but I cannot remember how many at this time. I’ve just written a book that make me ashamed… talking about politics and movies but, in this world in these times… Who’s the man without any sin? I have all of the sins flowing in my head and I’m not the best man in this world. I drink every night and I smoke like a crazy chimney. Pride? I am proud too. Of course I am. Why not? I published my book in a time which doesn’t believe in books. There are books, of course there are… but not books like mine. Maybe they are worse than others or maybe they are better but my books, I can proudly say it, they are different.

Internet Lies. Martin Cid

Internet Lies. Martin Cid

I’m not arrogant… or maybe I am. I am so arrogant to ask me that. Luxury? Well, I love gold and I used to write with a gold pen but I must confess I don’t live for money cause I am the worst investor you can see for the rest of your days. Envy? No, I don’t envy but I would like to be like that red-haired man who has a great company called… well, you know who I am talking about. Gluttony? Oh, yes! I would like to eat and drink for the rest of my days! This year I had a thrombosis and I was near dying. I had a lung embolism too. Doctors told me something like ‘no more smoking’. Well, don’t smoke, dear doctor, I will do it for you! Wrath? Who’s the man in the world who has never lost control? I come from the land of Cervantes and I promise that there’s not a Spanish man or woman who hasn’t. Let’s see the sloth. No, I am not, sorry. My persistent insomnia doesn’t let me.

I think that it’s enough for today. Tomorrow I will talk about financial times… no, no, no! I’d forgotten it! I promised  don’t talk about it but it doesn’t matter. I am a liar cause I am a writer and lies are the bricks to build my house. Words always lies, my friends and readers. Never forget it!

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