The meaning of flowers

The meaning of flowers
Isabel del Rio


Rose: the queen.

Daisy: humility which always accompanies a queen. It is her maid of honor, always discreet.

Carnation: it’s the masculine principle. A good couple, the rose and the carnation.

Lily: it’s the purity. In all Renaissance paintings of the Annunciation, Maria holds a lily. Lily is the most typical flower for a bride.

Daffodil: beautiful flower, so beautiful to represent vanity. Greek myths tell of Narcissus, a handsome young man in love with himself and punished by the Olympus tuning into a daffodil for ever never.

The flower of the saffron: so tiny and so expensive. It represents the work and suffering to get something.

The cumin: a condiment popular in many countries to give good taste to stews. However, in the language of flowers, it represents the stinginess. So small, so small…

Pansy: beautiful sad flower, with dark purplish. It represents sadness, even grief and death and in several countries it’s used as an insult.



Orchid: luxury. It’s one of the most delicate flowers. So difficult to care which is really expensive.

Sunflower: large, facing the Sun… it’s the sincerity.

Tulip: it’s the elegance. Tall, thin, always perfect and without muss. As the carnation, it has masculine meanings and it could be a competitor for the love of the Queen.

Aspidistra: it’s the vulgarity. The easiest plant to care at home.

Gladiolus: it’s the happiness. “Glad” comes from “gladiolus”. There are a multitude of colors, but all of them are brilliant. They are indispensable in a beautiful garden.

Anemone: in fact, they are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals, but they gave peace in any pond of a beautiful Japanese-style garden. Peace and tranquility are their meanings.

Lavender: mother of perfumes, it’s the good education, it involves the knowing at any time.

The flowering almond: it has always been a symbol of hope. After the winter always comes the Spring, because after the misery it can come the wealth, and after illness comes health. Almond is the most representative tree of the Spring

Acanthus: of course, it’s the art. The head of a Corinthian column, so used in palace, churches and monuments, it’s made with acanthus leaves.

almond flower

almond flower

Ivy: it’s the dependence because ivy always ties its surroundings.

Iris: good news, the Spring is arriving and all will bloom again.

Mint: suspicion. Its taste sting as it stings the curiosity of the unknown.

Azalea: passion, generosity, because it’s breeding nonstop: flowers and more flowers, a passion for life.

Flowers! All of them are wonderful, and authors and artists have used them as a source of inspiration for centuries. We cannot live far of them and when we haven’t got a garden, we decorate our apartments and offices with plants. They are the smartest present, ephemeral, and therefore outside the money, always vulgar.

The first present of a boyfriend is usually a flower, maybe a rose (because he is calling ‘queen’ to his girl, maybe red to symbolize his love)… Afterwards, he can give a diamond since, you know, ‘Diamonds are a girl best friend”.

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Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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