Rome, the Eternal City

Rome, the Eternal City


Rome, the eternal city… Rome the capital of Italy… and Rome the Empire… 3.5 millions of people live in the metropolitan area in the most populous city of the European Union. Rome is also the capital of the Lazio… Rome, the city of the seven hills… Rome saw the birth of Romulus and Remus and the crying wolves… centuries and centuries of deceptions and lies and fakes and one million of silent voices claiming for your past glorious night… Rome, this is Rome.

SPQR… Senātus Populusque Rōmānus. Movies and gladiators and emperors and stories of fate, hate, sacks, envies… Rome, your ancient face hides the secret of the Eternal Youth, your ancient eyes have seen the cruelest centuries and the kindest happiness. Fakes… Caligula and Nero makes your memories into dry blood, memories of millions, the story of just one, the eternal, the unique dream… Remember now, eternal city.

Your Tiber stands souls of fire, souls of whispers… Tiberius and Ciprus and you see the whole family dying. Is this sense of humor? Is this the kind of bastards you bring up? Wars and horses and Gaul again and again and again. Once more, Julius Caeasar, tell me the story and I will make the History of the cruelest fake. You cut short lives and shortly your long hair went bald and your face become older and older and, in just one second, all your plenty life become nothing by the hands of Brutus… and your memories will live forever. Claim Rome for your deaths! Claim Rome for this plenty people full of life, full of happiness, full of hate, full of History!

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