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Kuih Bahulu, a Malaysian dessert

Kuih Bahulu, a Malaysian dessert
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Kuih Bahulu

Kuih Bahulu

When I was in Malaysia, I hated the Kuih Bahulu, not that it nearly choked me to death with their dryness, it is also the task given to us children to beat a huge bowl of eggs and sugar with a springy whisk and it was a chore, it took ages to get the eggs fluffy. Now, it is a different story, having not ate these cakes for awhile, makes me yearn for some. A Kuih Bahulu mould is needed and without it, have to improvise. I have these cast-iron moulds of Alphabets and Animals and gave it a go. They turned out pretty good.


4 eggs

100 g sugar

100 g all purpose flour (dry fry so as to prevent cakes from sticking to moulds)

1 tbsp cornstarch/tapioca flour

1/4 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Whisk eggs and sugar in a stand mixer (no more springy whisk) until light and fluffy. Sieve flour, cornstarch/tapioca starch and baking powder and add 1/3 into the egg mixture. Fold in lightly and repeat until all the flour is added in. Remember to fold in lightly as not to deflate the egg mixture. Grease moulds and fill with batter.Bake for 8 on preheated oven at 375F .

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