Venetian angels, by Alex Levin

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Alex Levin and his Venetian paintings

Memories of Casanova1 300x242 Venetian angels, by Alex Levin

Alex Levin. Original Paintings

Mysterious atmosphere among foggy channels… Strong songs and unnamed gondoliers… Savory aromas and Baroque palaces… Where is it?

Venice is the only place where you can live an eternal time, frozen forever. A time of capes and swords, of poisons and treasures, of false mirrors. Everything is a mirror in Venice, because buildings reflected in the channel waters, and waters are reflected in the silver sky, and people… What happens with people?

They are reflected in their masks.

The carnival of Venice is the celebration of life, of a complete life, where we also walk beside the death.

Alex Levin has painted this unique event making another mirror of time. What is painting but a mirror?

Memories of Venice1 246x300 Venetian angels, by Alex Levin

Memories of Venice, by Alex Levin

We see their faces through those unforgettable masks, where humble papers mix with feathers and jewelry. We see Alex Levin’s hand in those fine profiles, personal colors and infinite lights. The first task for an artist is to choose the subject. Alex Levin has chosen with honesty and the result is alive. Because he is looking at us through those masks of blue eyes, looking for our own eyes.

Is the artist happy? Happiness is what Alex Levin’s paintings reflect. Happiness of a job well done, of a honesty that knows sadness is at the other side, at each corner, in every home… But not today, because today Alex is celebrating our smart disguises, our efforts of keeping on dancing, of growing with the art.

In Venice, a colorful march of brilliant shadows, ladies and gentlemen on a yellow bridge. You should cross the bridge because it leads to a different world, the world of Alex Levin’s art, his happiness and brushstrokes of great reality.

Carnival, carnival…


AlexLevin 300x142 Venetian angels, by Alex Levin

Original Paintings by Alex Levin

Alex Levin comes from Kiev, capital of Ukraine, where he was born in 1975 and later on attended Art Academy, which he graduated with honors.

Currently working on “Venice through the mask’s eyes” series.

An artist’s new vision of a Venice Carnival takes a completely unique approach and presents a viewer with a lavish and most prominent feature of Venetian carnival – the Mask.

The earlier paintings from “Mask collection” were introduced in year 2002 in Venice and where awarded with the scholarship to Venice Academy of Art to support artist’s continuing artistic development and enable him to devote substantial time to the creation of new work.


Venetian mesmerizing gaze1 236x300 Venetian angels, by Alex Levin

Venetian mesmerizing gaze, by Alex Levin

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