Auguste Rodin, by Seb Zar

Auguste Rodin, by Seb Zar
Body, by Seb Zar

Body, by Seb Zar

My relationship with Rodin is a special one. Contrary to what people might think, my first discovery of his work didn’t turn me into an instant admirer. At this point I should mention that although it had been inside of me forever , I came to sculpture late, at age 27. So as a young sculptor my focus was on technique and gaining skills, which made me set him aside and look for sculptors whose works emphasised more on the technical aspect. I knew it was necessary in order to become confident as a young sculptor.

However, over time something interesting happened gradually: the more my technical ability grew, the less I was interested in technique. At some point I actually had to take a distance from it because it was hurting the passion that led me toward choosing this life as an artist. A life of turning impulses of inspiration into sculptures that would move the observers. In this period, many things changed in my life. Looking back to it, it is now obvious that this stage was a stage of personal evolution, of solving and learning about myself as a man so the art can be a sincere strong expression of who I am. So yes, passion, masculinity, resilience, the gut to go against people’s expectations… These are traits that Rodin and I share. And today at this point in my life, the life and art of this old friend is certainly a major source of guidance. There aren’t many individuals who dedicate their life to sculpture in the world, even less so in France, and the long visit to Rodin’s museum in Paris recently revived my feeling of a sense of responsibility to prolongate this legacy. Merci pour tout Auguste Rodin.

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Seb Zar in the Museum Rodin

Seb Zar in the Museum Rodin

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Meet Seb Zar Bourcheix, a 31 year-old artist and creative expert, who uses his unique abilities in sculpture as a metaphor to inspire you to tap into your own creativity. Born and raised in France, Seb spent most of his life away from Art, until he discovered sculpture during a 3-day workshop in July 2005. This love at first sight experience was totally unexpected. Since then he never looked back and quickly grew his skills to become the widely acclaimed sculptor he is today. Seb mixes his inspirations without taboo, an unusual trait for artists who base their work on the human representation using classical techniques. Eroticism and music, his most powerful inspirations, combine with various influences such as industrial shapes, abstract art, street art and movies, to shape everything he creates. “There is such value in variety, in looking for the new, the different, and making your own metissages” “Sculpture teaches Universal laws that you can apply to anything, tasting new medias and embracing your multidimentionality allows you to integrate a palette of skills to serve you in any particular passion that you choose to follow. Don’t focus on a particular field, focus on the Universal aspects of it. Then you can achieve anything” Seb already walks the talk as he mixes the classical mastery with highly stylized elements in his sculptures. It makes his signature even more unique. But his contribution isn’t limited to volumes in sculpture, rather exquisite creative experience. His taste for new creative adventures have led him to new horizons such as painting, acting, motorcycle racing, or creating video with the 79 sec clip he created and produced for a New York City event, back in May 2009. “Although my journey will lead to various experiences, I’ll always come back to this amazing sensual dance that is sculpture; It is such a challenge” ” Ultimately, my aim is for people to look, hear, read and feel everything I create, then go back to their world empowered with the inspiration to create at their best, no matter what their passion is”.

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