Making people feel good about themselves, by Megan Francis

Making people feel good about themselves, by Megan Francis
Photo 4, by Megan Francis

Photo 4, by Megan Francis

Megan Francis INTERVIEWED by Isabel del Rio

Megan Francis is a young woman but also an old senior hairdresser from Australia. She is starting to get into photographic/runway side of industry. She is pushing strongly, full of new ideas and creativity.

Hi, Megan

Q.- When and why did you start studying hairdressing?

I started as a school based apprentice in grade 11 in high school. At the time i was thinking about what career options i wanted to take, if i wanted to go to uni etc, but i was always drawn to the colour and the creativeness and how intricate everything was, i just knew it was what i wanted to do so i got myself out there and got a job and from then till now i haven’t looked back!

Q.- Nowadays, what choices of work does it has a hairdresser? What do you prefer and why?

There are always plenty of choices of work, theres working in a salon, mobile hairdressers, educators, session stylists, and of course people more into the fashion side of things and many more! i love fashion side of hairdressing, doing styling for photo shoots and runway etc its just so much fun and you get such a good vibe and a high from it all. its so hard to explain how good it makes you feel! but on the other hand i could never JUST do that, i love my clients too much! they are amazing! i love cutting and colouring and i don’t think i could ever handle working in a salon where i had to choose one or the other to do! its such a tough choice! For the moment i love everything that i do now!

Photo 1, by Megan Francis

Photo 1, by Megan Francis

Q.- Is it a hard job? What is the best and the worst?

It can be tough! i wont lie! long hours, not paid as much as anybody thinks, not to mention the first 1 – 2 years as an apprentice, all you do is wash hair, clean, and make coffee. In the end, its not the tough stuff you notice. At the end of the day I’m generally exhausted, and hungry from snacking on the run but I’m happy and have a buzz and a crazy awesome kind of vibe because I’ve made however many people feel good about themselves and love their hair! Every job has its up days and its down days but Im just glad that at the end of the day i look at my watch and wonder where the time has gone! time flies when your having fun and I’m lucky enough to have found the career that i love and that i will love for many years to come!

Q.- Paris, Milan or New York are centers of fashion. Australia continues their trends or it has its own voice?

I think Australia has a developing voice, we have SO many talented young people emerging out of nowhere into the industry every day! We are slowing creating our own vibe to things and just little touches that are distinctly Australian. Those capitals of fashion will always be sources of inspiration, and of course are unimaginably incredible, but i think one day, they will be looking to us for the latest trends!

Photo 2, by Megan Francis

Photo 2, by Megan Francis

Q.- Who are your teachers, your sources of inspiration?

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is my manager at my work, she has trained me from day dot and i owe everything i know about hairdressing and hairstyling to her! she is always helping me to expand my knowledge, always encouraging me to do what i want to do with my trade. there are so many people who are more famous and have played a massive part in where i have gotten too so far but in the end its always going to come down to

Q.- Short or long hair? Or is it important to study the particular physiognomy instead of being a fashion victim?

I think its all about the physiognomy! when it comes to cutting and colouring, Its all about your face shape, your skin tone, your eye colour right down to your eyebrows. every part of your face and skin and hair type tells us what will suite you. Some people you would NEVER take short, some people look amazing with long hair or with either! If you are going for the change, go gradual or “play it safe” until you are 100% certain that you want it done. As amazing and exciting as somebody coming in going for a chop is for us, at the end of the day we want YOU to be happy! It’s always easier if you do some research first, bring in photos, KNOW what you want done and communicate properly with your stylist. its how the magic happens! even so, its sad and even more depressing to say but, some people cannot be swayed and go from a big fashion yes to a massive fashion no!

Q.- Three tips for a healthy and shiny hair.

PROFESSIONAL BRAND PRODUCTS! Yes they may have a not so nice price tag but they make a WORLD of difference! the correct use of a decent shampoo, conditioner, moisturisers and of course a thermal protector (preferably with an Anti Humectant for our lovely QLD weather). Just go to your usual salon or just pop by one, any hairdresser should be more than happy to give you the proper rundown and educate you on what you need for your hair to be always looking incredible!

Q.- And three tips for a bride. How to get combed her wedding day?

Have a trial before your wedding day, make sure you are honest and upfront with what you do and don’t like about the style and communicate with your stylist on what you want different if you weren’t 100% happy, theres no point in the bride getting all stressed out over something that could’ve been fixed weeks beforehand! Wash your hair the day before, a little bit of oil in there won’t hurt keeping your style in place! Have pins and hairspray tucked away in a corner! We put those pins in there and spray it so that if you went out in a hurricane your hair would still be perfect! Its always better to be safe than sorry!

Q.- Your next projects?

Im looking at doing a series that has more of an artistic approach, bit more Avant Garde, think a variation of wild and sleek hair but with a theme of stencilling, so similar patterns and lines drawn onto the face. i have my first look for the series booked for this month so you’ll be seeing sneak peaks on my website very soon im sure! Also going to do some work showcasing my creative and colouring, also mens cutting! i

Thank you very much, Megan and keep on being so enthusiastic.


Photo 1 (lingerie with the big chunky necklace)

Stylist, Accessories Designer and Artistic Director: Chloe Cooper

Photographer: Annika Salisbury

Model: Sarah Matthews

Makeup: Lauren Chalmers

Hair: Megan Francis

Photo 2 (hair in the wind photo)

Model: Keely Thurecht

MUA: Amy Stuart

Stylist: Danii Nicole

Hair: Megan Francis

Photographer: Louise Smit

Photo 3 (with the fruit hat and blue tips)

Title – Tropic Jungle

Photographer – Ingela Furustig

Model – Laura Evans @ Viviens

Hairstylist – Megan Francis

Makeup Artist – Kelsie Kelly

Stylist – Alana Ferguson

Photo 4 (in the purple formal dress)

Model: Toni Peterson

Hair: Megan Francis

Make Up: Yazzi Williams

Dress: Tania Olsen @ Sentani

Photography: Rebecca @ Life In Images Photography

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My name is Megan Francis, I'm a newly qualified Hairdresser in Brisbane, Australia. I work at a lovely salon in Springwood by the name of Supa Star Hair. I am a very driven young hairdresser who has a passion for hair and have this unspeakable urge to learn as much as I can every day. I LOVE styling for photo shoots, cutting and colouring (especially when I can get creative) exploring different types of styling and have recently started to be the creative force behind a few shoots of my own, and have also started entering in competitions. Exciting stuff! My goals for the future are to get published in a print magazine, work overseas / train under some of my favourite hairdressers and I would love to branch out into the film side of the industry doing hair for movies :)

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