Interview with FiFi Parker (The FiFi Chronicles)

Interview with FiFi Parker (The FiFi Chronicles)
The FiFi Chronicles

The FiFi Chronicles

Hello, Fifi

Q.- Recently, Yareah magazine has heard about you (men admire your beauty, women are more critical). What do you look like?

Hello Martin. Thank you for the compliment. Actually I get along quite well with men and women. But I hope it’s my strength and humor that attract others! It’s best for me not to disclose too much about my appearance and let’s just say I’m pretty adept at disguise. OK, usually I’m a brunette.

Q.- Mmm! And what are you like? And why this obsession with the cruise?

I didn’t think I was the cruise type, but my friend Victory suggested I lay low for a bit. Probably you’ve heard rumors of my public indiscretions in D.C.? Anyway, Victory bought me the ticket on the Lavender Mardi Gras. And the cruise… well it started out boring, but that didn’t last. And now I’m positive I’m not the cruise type!

Q.- Some days ago I saw a posh lady on TV. She explained she had complete rooms for her clothes. How much space do you dedicate for yours? How about your favorite colors?

In my line of work you get used to travelling light, and when I need something, I’ll pick it up wherever I am. My closet at home is sparse compared to the average stylish woman. You know, I’m just not a collector, but I have something for every occasion. And if I’m going out to my favorite club and just want something new, I have a couple of boutique favorites. I like quality clothing in general—whether I’m practicing yoga or salsa dancing. I don’t need a lot. Blues are my favorite… the color of cool water, clear minds, whispering winds.

Q.- Which are your hobbies? Do you collect anything? Do you smoke? Where?

I don’t think I have any hobbies really. I’m always working on learning a new language; right now it’s Portuguese. I’m pretty physical during the day—I practice hand-to-hand combat, boxing, kick boxing, marital arts. I do strength and endurance training. I swim. Oh yes, sipping scotch is definitely a hobby of mine! I also toy with information security and the art of seduction. I collect lovers. I suppose that’s a hobby. I smoke when the mood strikes me. I don’t believe in limiting myself or being a slave to anything or anyone.

Q.- I would like to know about your background. Who were your parents? Where were you raised to be so elegant?

I was born in DC, and raised throughout Europe. My father was a diplomat. My mother was a writer. Our home was always full of interesting people. My parents put me in boarding school in Zurich when I was 12. It wasn’t that they wanted to be rid of me, but I think they wanted me to have a good education, and acquire some grace—I was such a tomboy. When I got thrown out of there, not elegant enough I guess, I was sent to a school near Paris, where I managed to absorb some of the French sense of style. French is still my favorite language too.

Q.- In the future, would you like babies? They say pregnancies disfigure the body, and babies are inconsistent with the parties.

Babies are inconsistent with my lifestyle and work. I love to travel and I love my independence, so no, babies are not in my future. I do like children though and have no problem with disfiguring my body, I’m not that precious with anything.

Q.- Have you ever worked? Where do you get the money (because your life is expensive)?

I don’t like to say much about my professional activities, only that I’m a consultant. My clients demand privacy and I must respect that completely.

Q.- I know the next questions are very personal, but you aren’t a shy girl and I’m sure you won’t have problems with them: are you in love? What kind of men do you like? Do you prefer one lover or several? Why?

Yes, Martin, your questions are indeed personal! I’m not in love at the moment. I appreciate intelligence in both the men and the women I see. That’s probably the most important quality. Wit is extremely important too. Attraction begins with the mind, I believe. And I often have more than one lover. Like I said, I travel a lot.

Q.- In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients for an affair? An example? The best anecdote?

Essential to an affair? Spontaneity! You know, “I’m here, I’m at such and such, or walking along such and such–care to join me?” Those sorts of meetings can turn into unusually intimate times, and even more intimate evenings! For me, planning takes the breath out of an affair. Anecdotes? Ha, ha, I don’t kiss and tell, Martin!

Very well, FiFi, thanks for your time. Can you give me your mobile number? I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

92@-600-8#?7, xo

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