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Feng Shui & decoration

Interview with  Isabel del Rio, founder and editor at Yareah.

Feng Shui: Fire, earth, water and air

Feng Shui: Fire, earth, water and air

Q.- Isabel, everybody knows you are really interested in Feng Shui. Can you give us a definition of Feng Shui?

A.- In the origin, it’s a Chinese system of geomancy which tries to improve life using properly the primitive forces of Mother Nature: water, earth, air and fire.

This put humanity in a respectful position in front of Nature, and I think only this respect is enough to improve your life. It changes your mentality and you start to have a different relationship with the environment, including people.

I think this is the basic idea, because the practice has different tendencies… the system came from Jin dynasty: 4th century.

“The Book of Burial” spoke about how orientated tombs and other spiritual significant structures. Afterwards, they followed these principles with other buildings or furniture. In China, it was forbidden during the Cultural Revolution, but it started to be used in Western countries, especially in decoration.

Q.- Can you explain this use?

A.- As I said, there are different tendencies: to situated things or bodies in reference to points of water, or according to the stars, or to the cardinal points. For example: it’s important to sleep with your head orientated to North, the relax is better, I’ve verified this.

Also, every material of your home represents an element: it’s good to combine them, I don’t know if you will have better luck (that is superstition) but the resulting aesthetic is usually very good.

Q.- But you are very rational. Do you really think those things?

A.- I’m not so rational! Anyway, Feng Shui has serious studies, statistical studies, for instance in shops. They check where people go and which places of a shop are not visited. Normally, the decoration is aggressive, with a sharp corner which seems to hit us, or some object which seems a spear pointing at us. You change the decoration and buyers started to feel comfortable in the place.

Feng Shui: Dining room

Feng Shui: Dining room

Q.- Can you give us some practical advices for our home?

A.- Order, the disorder disturb and it’s important to be relax.

Not accumulate things. Our homes are full of unnecessary objects. They paralyze our energy fixing us to the past, to our memories. Memories are good to learn of our experiences, but the objective is the future.

Plants, flowers… or a fishbowl are positive and beautiful things.

Mixed glass, wood and metal (monotony is boring).

Clean the mirrors (they reflected energies).

Ventilate: air is one of the forth elements of nature.

Q.- And some advice to look for a suitable home?

A.- Light, ventilation and space. It’s better a house orientated to the East (to the sunrise, as the old temples). Anyways, in the end, we live where we can… Life is very expensive!

Thanks, Isabel.

**Photo: a normal dining-room, but with the 4 elements. Fire is represented by the iron

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I was born in England and I started working as a furniture restorer in an antique shop, what motivated me to study art in Spain, the temple of painting. There, I knew closely the work of the great Baroque painters and I did a PhD on Carreño. I have been working in museums and writing in art magazines.

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