The Druidic meaning of Trees (3rd part)

The Druidic meaning of Trees (3rd part)
Isabel del Rio
Triple deity

Triple deity, the White Goddess

Our gardens are full of marvelous trees which have been venerated during centuries.

In Yareah magazine, we have started to know and to understand their poetic secrets by analyzing Robert Graves’ famous essay “The White Goddess – a Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth” and what he calls “The alphabet of trees” in Celtic Druidic culture (letters were known by the name of a tree which started with its same initial. For example, “duir” -our oak- was also the letter “D” and “saille” –our willow- was the letter “S”). We have explained that this alphabet had five vowels and thirteen consonants and the reasons why these last ones formed a magic seasonal calendar based on trees and “Mother Nature” which was secretly used by Druids for centuries, even after Christian irruption… they had to hide their magic words and spells of their enemies to prevent their possible attacks, a belief shared by old Greek and Roman religions.

The meaning of the eight first consonants was explained in the 1st part of this study http://yareah.com/?p=2431 and in the 2nd. one http://yareah.com/?p=2439 . Today, we are going to continue:

Ninth consonant letter or “magical” tree:

“Coll”, letter “C” is our “hazel nut tree”.

It is the tree of the wisdom.

In old Druidic tradition, letter C was also the number 9, because 9 is the number consecrated to Muses and because the hazel gives its fruits after 9 years.

The hazel nut tree was the Bile Ratha, the place where lived the poetic Aes Sidhe and it gave its name to a god called Mac Coll (“son of the Hazel”). According to the History of Ireland by Keating, he was one of the oldest rulers of Ireland and had two brothers: Mac Ceacht (“son of the Plough”) and Mac Greine (“son of the Sun”). They married with the Triple Goddess of Ireland: Eire, Fodhla y Banbha and this legend seems to speak about the destruction of matriarchal system by the patriarchal invaders of the Metal Age.

However, according to Robert Graves, Mac Greine was a goddess too and since the Irish Goddess ruled agriculture and wisdom, this legend is speaking about new invaders’ obedience to the matriarchal goddess, the Mother of the Nature, queen of the Neolithic religion.

This ninth tree dominated from the 5th of August to the 1st of September.

**It is very interesting to know that Druids had a secret system of communicating without words: they used their hands. Every letter was represented in a part of the hand and when they moved a finger were signaling a letter and after some movements… a word… a sentence… a complete message.

Three Irish Goddesses

Three Irish Goddesses

Tenth letter or magical tree:

“Muin” (“M”), our vine tree, dedicated to Dionysius, a ten in Kabbalah terms.

It is the tree of the happiness and joy but also the tree of the anger.

In fact, it is a peculiar tree because around the Mediterranean sea, it was consecrated to Dionysius and to Osiris and therefore, the wine was the main drink in every celebration in Greece and Rome but in Britain, due to the wet weather, the wine only grew up in few valleys and it was replaced by a drink obtain of the blackberry bush.

Red and heavy and since it is branches served to make Christ’s crown, its magical meaning changed and in Celtic countries, it is the tree of the fairies and witches and still at the beginning of the 20th century, it was considered a poisoned bush.

This tenth tree dominated from the 2th to the 29th of September including the autumn equinox

Eleventh letter and magical tree:

“Gort” (“G), our ivy.

Yes, it’s the naughty ivy when it’s flourishing: in October. Time for Bacchae and their wild celebrations. Time for intoxicated girls running across the dry Greek mountains carrying a fir branch decorated with a spiral of ivy.

In the famous collage of Oxford, the Trinity, an ivy beer, especially intoxicating, has been elaborated from the Middle Ages. Perhaps a beer very similar to that one which changed Bacchae’s personality, drug responsable of their excesses.

A time of spirals, a time which twisted to start again, infinite, always reborn.

The Ivy was the queen from September, 30 to October, 27.

Will continue… http://yareah.com/?p=2616

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Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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