Art Conflict & Ivan de Monbrison

Art Conflict & Ivan de Monbrison
Isabel del Rio
by Ivan de Monbrison

by Ivan de Monbrison

Shadows and more shadows turning into shapes.

White is light and black is the shadow, a shadow which becomes flesh and blood: why no red?

Emerging from the canvas, a human being is calling for life.

Emerging from a dream, we walk through an endless evolution.

Maybe we are not real, maybe the shadows are now conscious while looking at the spectators, the old visitors of the new museums.

Questions: where is the mirror border? What is the truth? What is more real?

Choose between the canvas and the History books; choose between philosopher’s mind or painter’s brush. Can you?

Ivan de Monbrison’s paintings are a world because an alive world is jumping out of its strict frame.

Are we the shadows?

Two reflecting worlds looking at each other.


About the artist:


by Ivan de Monbrison

by Ivan de Monbrison

Ivan de Monbrison’s last events:

January 2012: Solo show at the « Maison du Patrimoine » of la Haye les Roses.

January 2012: Illustrations for the litteray magazine Anobium, chicago.

24 of january 2012:Publication in Orbits the weekly shorts the Oxonian Review, uk.

January 2012: Publication in Poetica Magazine, the Holocaust section, featured artists.

January-february 2012: Group show at the Lloyd Gill gallery.


A conflict starts the very day that an artist is born.


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