March 1st: Yareah pdf issue 22: SEA AND TRIPS

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Art: Penelope Przekop and Xavier Landry’s paintings, and the special collaboration of Francis Piep and Rinat Shingareev.

Literature: Short Stories by Bobby Fox ‘The Dog Shit Incident’ and Michelle C Eging ‘A goldfish isn’t the only one living in a fishbowl’.

Poetry: Morning War by Michael Pacholski; The Feast of Preserved Emotions by Tatjana Debeljacki; ‘What Makes a Grown Man Cry’ by Kim Wilson; and ‘Another Love Story’ by Thierry Saintine.

Opinions: Charles Kinney Jr., Martin Cid, Isabel del Rio, John Glass, IZara, ISartosa and Michael J Metcalf.

This issue honored the American painter Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900).

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Remember, March 1st!

Frederic Edwin Church Broken column The Parthenon 1869 300x218 March 1st: Yareah pdf issue 22: SEA AND TRIPS

By Edwin Church

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