Our weird bets for the Oscars

Our weird bets for the Oscars
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Gary Oldman in Dracula

Gary Oldman in Dracula

It’s not a scientific method but maybe we will be right in some category.

Yareah Magazine might ask for apologizes if someone bets money because of our suggestions. Please, don’t pay attention and take care of your money. You can do better things with it as to grant us. We promise we will do great things, as to buy whiskey and to drink all of it.

Anyway, we haven’t tried to be right; we have tried to be honest.

Best Film:

Midnight in Paris. Well… What can we say? We love Woody Allen! We know it’s not his best film and We know there might be best movies this year but we are naughty children. Apart from that, we must confess it’s the only film we haven’t seen yet and… We don’t like any of the others!

Best Actor In a Leading Role:

Gary Oldman! Gary, Gary Gary! Since we saw him in Dracula we felt in love with him. There would be only a possible objection: Daniel Day Lewis should be nominated. But in fact, our favourite film of the year is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier.

Best Actress In a Leading Role:

No, you are wrong: We won’t vote for the favorite and We won’t say anything about anything about nobody called Margaret. We will vote for… Michelle Williams! Reason? She is so pretty…! (Please remember: if you bet our forecast, be sure to be rich).

Actor In a Supporting Role:

It’s difficult but… (to be honest we really don’t know who to vote)… Nick Nolte! Warrior is an absolute insult for movies world but he is… well, one of the few men who could have worked with John Ford!

Actress In a Supporting Role:

Melissa McCarthy! Because if we’ve voted for a classic Marilyn girl in Best Actress, we must vote for a real actress in this category.


Terence Malick. Nobody knows how he can make us to dream so deeply! I think this director is the only case in the American Cinema who doesn’t feel the duty to entertain. We know he has his taste, but we cannot understand how he could convince the producers to do this film.

There are many more categories, but we need to go out and look for the donations we asked for at the beginning.

Well, that’s all folks!

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