Upcoming events at Tensta konsthall: Sweden

Upcoming events at Tensta konsthall: Sweden
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Signs. Abstraction in Traditional Muslim Art and Architecture

Jan Hjärpe

Tensta konsthall

Tuesday 21.2, 18:30

Jan Hjärpe, professor emeritus of Islamic studies, on how abstraction appears and functions within a Muslim art and architecture tradition. The second lecture in a series of four as part of Abstract art now and then, here and there. Organized in collaboration with ABF. In Swedish.


Ferran Barrenblit, Binna Choi, Eyal Danon, Maria Lind, Emily Pethick

Volksbuurtmuseum, Waterstraat 27, Utrecht

Wednesday 22.2, 20:00

Public discussion with Binna Choi (Casco — Office for Art, Design and Theory), Maria Lind (Tensta konsthall), Eyal Danon (The Israeli Center for Digital Art), Ferran Barrenblit (CA2M Centro Dos De Mayo) and Emily Pethick (The Showroom). Cluster is a network of eight institutions for contemporary art, these included, located in residential areas on the peripheries of major cities. Initiated to facilitate exchange of knowledge about how institutions work and establish collaborations. In English.

What Lies in the Future for Contemporary Art? Debate on art funding in Sweden—today and ten years hence

Tensta konsthall

Thursday 23.2, 18:30

During recent decades, both public and private infrastructures for art have undergone changes that affect how art is produced, presented and perceived. Six representatives, public and private actors, are invited to describe their present guidelines and modes of working. What consequences do these have for artists and their conditions of production? Cilene Andréhn (Andréhn-Schiptjenko) Ann Larsson (Swedish Arts Grants Committee), Ingrid Lomfors (Kulturbryggan/Culture Bridge), Ellen Wettmark (Swedish Arts Council), Michael Storåkers (Bukowskis Auction House) Måns Wrange (Royal University College of Fine Arts); Moderators: Kim Einarsson (Konsthall C) and Maria Lind (Tensta konsthall). The debate is part of Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies and organized in collaboration with Konsthall C. In Swedish.

A Guiding Light

Liam Gillick/Anton Vidokle

Cinema Zita, Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm

Sunday 26.2, 13:00

Introduction by Maria Lind. A film by Liam Gillick and Anton Vidokle whose starting point is a manifesto written by Gao Shiming, Executive Curator of the latest Shanghai Biennial. The manifesto is an attack on the art system and its limiting monoculture. The 22-minute long film hovers between cultural criticism and soap, borrowing its title from the longest running soap opera on American television. As a part of Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies. In English.

Publishing in Process: Ownership in Question

Florian Schneider

Tensta konsthall

Wednesday 29.2, 18:30

First in a series of public seminars with artists and theorists from February—May 2012. When the distribution between what is privately owned and publicly shared in society is being fundamentally scrutinized and protested in many parts of the world, what do notions of production, property, ownership and exchange mean to us right now? Filmmaker, curator and writer Florian Schneider presents Imaginary Property—asking what does it actually mean, today, to own an image? Organized and moderated by artist Marysia Lewandowska and curator Laurel Ptak. In English.

Tensta Konsthall

Taxingegränd 10

Box 4001

163 04 SPÅNGA


T: +46 8 36 07 63

F: +46 8 36 25 60



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