How to recognize a true author

How to recognize a true author

by Martin Cid

Martin Cid

Martin Cid

As in some Victorian plays, I need to apologize first for my total absence of honour, legitimacy, professionalism and, specially, for my total disrespectful for one person: myself. Anyway, if you don’t like my opinion, you are free to look for me from bar to bar. I’m the man with the pipe. Let’s begin.

First, we must address the real question. What’s an author? Maybe is he a man, a woman or a living being who writes his/her/its own ideas? Maybe this is O.K. for a definition to the Oxford Dictionary, but not for me. Most people think an author is something like a brilliant person directly coming from Heaven to tell people the truth of things. Trust me, an author wouldn’t find the truth of things even if the truth presented itself like a burning bush in the middle of the dessert. And, above all, it’s not the final objective of an author to find it or to present it to you. What’s the objective for an author then? At this point, we can be as ironic as we can… it can be the author of beauty words or it can be the author of ugly faces… but, listen to this, it must be something. I mean, what’s an author but its characters, structure…? Centuries ago, there was no artist similar to another one, every artist (or writer or dancer or whatever you want) should have anything to be distinguished from other. Certainly, now it’s different: as much as you follow the genre rules, more successfully author you become. Paranoid idea: as less originality you get, you will be a better author. Really? I don’t think so… but I am a strange person who likes Shakespeare.

I will continue asking. Do you need to be so original that nobody recognizes this originality? Oh, mate, with these questions you may begin to think to go to psychoanalyst because… you are beginning to think as a bestselling author! In some point of the History of Craziness, someone determinates the theory of invisible author. It’s easy, as invisible as you are as better as you are. Of course, I don’t agree with this kind of Lord of the Rings theory but I recognize its merit: it protects author to extreme; author cannot fail if there’s no author to fail. Am I talking about a tautology? Ughh, how many questions, dear reader!



Anyway, we have the word ‘writer’. A writer can write even novels or letters to girlfriends… a professional writer is, more or less as I can understand, someone who is paid for writing. Nice thing, my friends!

But no, we are not interested in writers right now… we are talking about authors. If one publisher talks to a writer or an author to do something about… I don’t know exactly… a porn screenplay about a civil war; we can find two possible answers:

Writer: How much money?

Author: I cannot use my name in that kind of idea.

Or maybe these:

Writer: Of course not, I only write about lesbian sci-fi.

Author: How much money? At the end, I will eat this month!

Yes, my friend, this is a mess and it’s really difficult to distinguish an author and a writer. Anyway, there’s a legend in my country that says something similar to this: if you are so useless, you can dedicate your life to literature.

Be happy and, please, don’t make me so difficult questions.

Zola, by Manet

Zola, by Manet

**Martin Cid is author of several novel: ‘A Century of Ashes’, ‘Ariza’, ‘Eminescu’s Seven Sins’ and and essay ‘Propaganda’. Now, he is writing the serial novel ‘Fake Game’ in yareah magazine

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