How to solve unemployment problem: Open intuition

How to solve unemployment problem: Open intuition
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by Allen Tager

Prayer, by Allen Tager

Prayer, by Allen Tager

Right Sound for the Mind

The core task of education lies not in simply acquiring knowledge, but in enhancing our awareness.


• The essential thing is not information, but understanding, and understanding can be attained only by personal creative application. Information is gained from without to the inside; understanding is a creative process in the opposite direction.

Project «Open Intuition»

The proposed project «Open Intuition» aims at solving one of the central problems in today’s world: the problem of unemployment. Unemployment is not merely a problem of insufficient positions, as most people assume. Instead, the main issue – even if this may seem paradoxical – is the problem of providing a meaningful activity for the allotted timeframe.

Developed countries have social provisions to ensure the interests of their citizens. These provisions guaranty each individual economic protection and medical insurance in case of job loss or partial or complete disability. In this sense, the current situation is absolutely unique. At the same time, each person under full social protection has also received another large gift from our developed society – a large amount of free time. With the right understanding of the situation and an intelligent solution this national problem could be converted into a great advantage for these nations.

We live in an age of increasing inventiveness in all areas of human trade, which is exactly why the largest challenge we face in the current time is to rethink these obsolete ideas of under-employment and to find a precise formulation for new and positive ideas and measures.

The government attempts to solve such problems in a purely utilitarian, and rather ineffective, method. They redirect the flow of unemployed into numerous training courses in the hope that qualifying them in another professional field will help them find a different position. However, the advantages of such courses are minimal as they fail to fulfill their core purpose: to determine the true interests of the participants.

A minimal percentage of the graduates do find a new position; however, rarely one that they really want and one that they will enjoy and where they can realize their potential. Instead, the positions are merely positions that happen to be available at a given time. The remaining graduates of these numerous courses, who do not find a position, continue down the path of depression and become frequent visitors to medical institutions and doctors’ offices. It is no secret that it takes colossal means to maintain the health of the million contingents of unemployed populations and is, without doubt, one of the largest expenditures in the national budget.

The problem of unemployment could be solved in a short amount of time if society would understand that only a new form of education is the key to the solution.

A lack of developed institutions and the inability of tradition education to develop create a situation where only a small group of creative thinkers have direct access to knowledge. This situation can be changed through the development of a new type of education, one in which intuition, the higher intuitive aspect of thinking, is developed. Such an approach would help people determine their natural abilities and talents, as well as to understand their strengths and individuality and, in turn, to apply them in their daily life. In contrast to traditional educational methods, so-called “Backward Looking Education”, that focuses and is based on the accomplishments of the past, the new educational form is called “Forward Looking Education” or simply


Turning away from the myriad of dogmatic guidelines or commonly accepted standards, we are challenged to free students’ aware from unnecessary veils and to provide greater possibilities of determining the stronger, natural properties of human personalities and to uncover the hidden abilities that will help them solve concrete tasks. We must teach students to be active in a future-oriented manner, while drawing their basis from the present. In order to become an independent and strong creator of one’s own life one must liberate one’s self and must test future freedoms. The purpose behind this educational process is to reach a new level in evolutionary development, from intellect to intuition, thereby turning each person into an independent think and enabling them to form their own private and professional life. We describe this level of mental development as “Universal Thinking”.

Providing greater access to such education is vital. This has become especially clear in today’s business world. Today’s business world relies completely on development and expansion, in other words on the concrete formation of the future as that is the only way to guarantee success. Focusing merely on the knowledge of the past is generally not enough when trying to solve business or economic questions as the past is just not current enough. As can be seen, modern business life and traditional education often block one another and are heading in two different directions.

The formula of success:

1. The most important aspect is not information, but a deep understanding, which can only be achieved through individual and creative efforts. People gather information from external sources: from books, newspapers, human contact, the internet, as well as the radio and television. However, understanding is a creative process that begins internally and works its way outward and which is not possible without the development of intuition.

2. Second, modern humanities focus on three aspects of mental activity or three fundamentally different types of understanding.

a. The basic, instinctive understanding or so-called “common sense”, which is necessary for survival. Traditional forms of education and psychology are closely related to this form of understanding.

b. Individual understanding, also referred to as intellect. Intellect is the rational, analytical aspect of understanding and thinking. This category includes all individuals who actively attempt to think autonomously and independently.

c. The third level is the highest level of understanding, which intuition uses as a bridge to connect individuals to the world of ideas. This type of mental activity is mostly seen in exceptional personalities in culture and science, progress-oriented politicians, benefactors to society, as well as the leaders of modern business, economy and the financial world.

Traditional, classic education develops the first two aspects of the human being – instinctive and intellectual thinking. This classic formula can be described as

Instinct + Intellect = Double II

However, our education combines all three aspects: instinct, intellect and intuition, with a focus placed on developing intuition.

Our new formula for “holistic education” in the 21st century can be described as follows:

Instinct + Intellect + Intuition = TRIPLE III

This formula involves a much more thorough integration of personality aspects and internal synthesis, which is mandatory for continued progress.

Moreover, we help students develop a clear understanding that each person who follows their own artistic, scientific or philosophic nature follows the comfortable “way of least resistance”, from a psychological point of view. The main goal of an educator becomes to define and encourage these approaches. We are fully convinced that this form of educational system can change all of humankind as a result of a change in the way humankind thinks. Mental speculation and purely intellectual concepts are replaced by a stronger and more creative spirit.

If this new concept were used to solve unemployment, unemployment ratings could be greatly reduced over the next 7 years. Free time would be used in a new, creative way and many, who today are socially-needy, would be able to follow a completely independent path of creative self realization. The natural result in the general, state-run procedures in academic education, as well as higher education, would be the following of a redefined and new direction.

To demonstrate the possibilities of this form of educational method we propose the realization of a one year program involving a socially-dependent population in USA, Canada, Australia and countries of the European Union under the name of “Open Intuition”. The results will be reviewed in depth by experts in the employment market, by sociologists, psychologists, physicians and economics and present to the public in a suitable manner. These results would receive a multi-faceted and wide-ranging response, as well as active support, not just from companies, but from state-run structures as well. Our goal is to successfully realize this a future-oriented educational program as far as possible and to earn its recognition as a primary necessity within the overall development process in the European Union throughout the coming decades.

We have already defined this type of education and have been using it successfully for over 25 years in Germany and USA.

The steps humanity needs to take are significant and essential and only an innovative education system and modernized access to the academic process can realize these steps.




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